Materials+Labour : $15.15 sq ft

Realtor Presale Package

All flooring to be removed down to single layer and Luxury Vinyl plank to be installed. All walls & trims painted, ceiling paint to be replenished. New Flat stock baseboards and casings installed and painted.

-5mm Luxury Click or Glue down Viynl Planks 

-Paint brands: Cloverdale/Dulux 

-4” - 1/2” FLAT STOCK BASE

 For us to properly prepare for your project: 
-Make sure to send us a floor plan layout from your realtors “home handbook” and/or floor plan drawings.

- Send your Quote Request with your Realtor Licence Number.

Under 1000 sqft = 1 week

1000 sqft home = 2 weeks

2000 sqft home = 2-4 weeks

Over 2000 sqft home = To be assessed

Materials+Labour : $15.15 sq ft

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Realtor References: Brian Bulent - Tita Cool - Cara Schineder - Axel Ziba -Jodi Stevees